Cortec Global Services

Cortec Global Services (CGSI) was built within Cortec Corporation -- the preeminent developer of VpCI/VCI solutions used by the widest range of industries in the world -- in order to ensure cost effective desirable outcomes for major adopters and customers.

In 2018 CGSI was founded as a standalone member of Presserv Group (Norway) in order to effectively rollout the service and product offerings globally while ensuring local sustainment for clients especially in developing economies and locations.

Currently CGSI operates directly in 14 countries worldwide with headquarters in Minnesota co-located at Cortec Corporation Headquarters.

CGSI provides "competency on demand" ranging from consultancy and localization knowledge transfer and training to global supply chain QA/QC as well as being the contractor of choice for major O/G construction Greenfield and Brownfield projects.

By serving the preservation industry, CGSI can serve project owners, EPC firms, contractors, local agents and Cortec product distributors equally and apply our cross functional, maintenance philosophy to ensure the desired outcomes within cost, engineering and commissioning constraints.

CGSI is the employer of choice for the top-skill experts in Preservation with backgrounds in all major crafts. We speak the language of construction, maintenance, operations and engineering to truly allow customers to maximize the value received from the investment in preservation and corrosion control.

Our Core Competencies:

  1. Preservation Program Design and Execution
  2. Global deployments of SMEs on demand
  3. Localization and Local Content
  4. Corrosion Inhibitor selection and resolution
  5. Application of Products
  6. Maintenance and Control
  7. Turn-key full service
  8. Health checks and Assessments

Allow us to show you what good looks like when Preservation is not a discrete activity but instead is a best practice and creates a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

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