Cortec Global Services Australia Pty Ltd

A subsidiary of US-based Cortec Global Services, Inc

Stronger Together

With a home base in Perth, Western Australia, we bring you a local Australian distributor of Cortec Corporation products and our specialized suite of services.

Verifiable Results

We are passionate about creating positive change for our customers with technically accurate, verifiable results, including:

data analysis after a remote assessment gives managers information to make informed decisions on preservation management programs and create cost effective corrosion control measures

Coordination with OEMs

turnkey preservation solutions give project engineers peace of mind with a new corrosion prevention asset management program
Turnkey Preservation Regimes
preservation management program offers seamless integration into OEM and EPC guidelines

Seamless Integration

Proven Assessment System

Our proven assessment system arms project owners, engineers, and procurement officers with:

  • Detailed, documented condition reports
  • Risk profile of your stored materials
  • Proof of Care
  • Real-time ratings and photographs at your fingertips
  • As needed support after completion of the assessment

Armed with such information; your organization can make effective maintenance and preservation decisions within your constraints.

Our Preservation experts come from all major craft disciplines with a wide range of industry experiences. We speak your language. And we are here to help.