Cortec® Global Services provides world-class application training, turnkey application services, and consulting. This allows clients to get the most out of preservation products while keeping total applied cost down to a minimum. While working with clients we also provide health checks, supply chain advisory guidance, and asset-specific preservation maintenance plans. Below are some of the industry leading services that we offer:

  • Applicator Training – Crew
    • Cortec® Global Services supplies short-duration training on key assets/tasks to your crew.
  • Applicator Training – Individual Certification
    • Cortec® Global Services supplies training services and individually certifies attendees on demonstrated competencies.
  • Applicator Training – OJT Modular
    • Cortec® Global Services provides supervisory training services onsite using on-the-job training modules pertinent to project scope.
  • Preservation Supervision
    • Cortec® Global Services supplies a Preservation Supervisor to oversee preservation application and/or training of
      your crew.
  • Full Crew Application Services
    • Cortec® Global Services supplies trained crews to complete preservation projects.
  • Skilled Labor
    • Cortec® Global Services supplies skilled labor to work with your team on preservation projects.

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