Cortec® Global Services specializes in turnkey corrosion control engineering and application services for comprehensive lay-ups of individual units or entire plants. Our personalized services are able to effectively preserve your equipment and other assets so that when you are ready to use them again they are working just like you left them. Cortec® Global Services has experience in Mothballing with some of the biggest plants in the world across a vast range of industries. We provide our services for all operations big or small. We provide our services by the implementation of a comprehensive plant layup package that could include:

  • A corrosion audit for identification of all facility corrosion control requirements.
  • A comprehensive plan to mitigate internal and external corrosion on all plant assets - both above ground and underground.
  • Turnkey application of all corrosion control systems.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of corrosion control systems during the layup period.
  • Future assistance with the transition from the layup phase to plant commissioning.

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