VpCI® products, processes, and equipment are used to mitigate CUI in a wide variety of environments. The equipment is capable of producing real-time measurements at the surfaces of insulated pipe and the processes are for application of VpCI® chemistry. CorroLogic® System will make a huge impact on mitigation of CUI with no service disruption, no recoating, and no insulation removal.

  • Cortec’s CorroLogic® program provides a comprehensive, 4-phase, turnkey solution for resolution of CUI issues.
  • The program does not require removal and replacement of the existing pipe insulation.
  • The system incorporates the application of Cortec’s proven multi-phase VpCI® chemistry on in-service piping systems to mitigate external surface corrosion.
  • The system includes real-time corrosion rate monitoring to evaluate the corrosiveness of the insulated pipe environment and to evaluate the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor.
  • Long-term control of CUI is engineered into the program through easy and conomical replenishment of VpCI® as needed at any time in the future.

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